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Denise Downey, CFP®, MBA

I serve clients in Spokane, WA and across the country as a virtual advisor.

If you are looking for help in the following areas, I can help.

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  • Investment Guidance

    Match your investments with your risk tolerance. Determine your asset allocation based on your specific situation. Achieve the returns you want without worrying.

  • Retirement Planning

    Leverage 401ks, IRAs, Roth IRAs, and other financial vehicles to build wealth for your golden years. Strengthen your position using life insurance, disability insurance, and HSA's. Determine saving strategies, withdrawal strategies, and the appropriate investments for your goal.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Need to figure out whether to save extra income or pay down debt? Learn how to manage debt while saving for big ticket items (house, college, retirement).

  • College Planning for Kids

    Learn how much you need to save for your childrens' college education. There are a variety of financial vehicles that can help you save. Discover which one is best for your family.

  • Employee Benefits

    I help clients navigate retirement plans like 401(k)s, 403(b)s, PERS, and SERS. I can also help determine if various optional benefits (Health Savings Accounts, supplemental life insurance, and disability insurance) are right for you.

  • Financial Literacy

    Many smart people feel left in the dark when it comes to their finances. I educate clients on the "why" and "how" of what we're doing. Everyone deserves to feel like a participant and not a bystander in the decisions that shape their future.

  • Small Business Planning

    Entrepreneurs often struggle to determine which retirement plan is best for their business. I help clients understand the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

  • Insurance Benefits

    I don't sell insurance. But I do help clients determine how much insurance they need. I review both employer-provided plans and independent insurance policies.

  • Tax Efficient Investing

    Understand how your savings strategies and investments impact your tax returns. Find ways to defer or reduce taxes when the situation is right.


The finance industry is complicated enough. I like to keep things simple.

I am a fiduciary. That means I am obligated to work in my clients' best interests.

People are often surprised to learn that most financial planners are not fiduciaries and have no obligation to do what's best for their clients.

I operate Financial Trex as a fee-only firm. This means I charge clients for the services I provide. I do not, and I cannot, profit from selling you financial products you don't need.

This is a different approach than what you would find at large financial institutions where their financial planners are paid on commission and driven by sales.

I create customized financial plans for my clients and help them implement them. I meet with clients nationwide via phone, email, or video conference.

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About Me


I've spent my entire career in finance. I learned the ropes at companies like J.P. Morgan Chase and Fidelity Investments. I worked on the trading floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, managed back-office support teams, and served as a financial planner for high-net-worth individuals.

In 2016, I launched Financial Trex.

I love the flexibility of running my own firm. I serve a small group of clients. I can give the kind of advice people need to hear. And I no longer worry about pressure to sell products or maintain hundreds of clients.

I live with my husband and three children in Spokane, Washington. Spokane offers a great balance of the urban and outdoor lifestyles. If you can't find me in a coffee shop, you'll find me on the hiking trails.


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