Stop Wandering. Start Planning.

The right guide makes all the difference.

Denise Downey, CFP®, MBA

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You've got a career, you're saving money, and the big pieces of your life are falling into place.

But do you feel confident about your financial situation?

I help people get organized and take control of their finances.

I have a process that strengthens every part of your financial life so you can feel relaxed about the future.

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Are you ready for some next-level adulting?

Learn how to plan your retirement, buy your dream home, and fund college saving accounts for your children.

How to Take Control of Your Finances


Schedule a Call

Let's chat about your financial situation. What are your most pressing needs? What are your long-term goals?


Create Your Plan

I'll analyze your current financial situation and create a step-by-step plan you can use to achieve your goals.


Start Your Journey

I will guide you through your plan and help you perform each step. I meet with most clients quarterly until they feel comfortable moving to yearly meetings.


Pick a service below based on what fits your situation best.

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I want a

Trail Guide

who can help me navigate the path ahead.


Financial Planning

  • Personalized financial plan
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Learn defensive financial planning techniques
  • Proactively tackle obstacles
  • Access your financial metrics via interactive planning platform
  • Assistance with implementing your plan.
  • Optional investment management service charged at 0.45-0.75% of assets under management.
$700 - $1,000 initial payment with
$600 - $1,000 per quarter
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I want a

Trail Map

I just need a few directions. I'll do the hike myself.


Financial Planning

  • Personalized financial plan
  • One-time engagement
  • Implement plan on your own
  • Meeting will focus on any area you want
  • Fees vary by project, depending on scope (most fall within a 4-12 hour timeframe)
$300 per hour